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BAILIDA Medical Carts. / BAILIDA has wide range of medical products include medical trolleys, hospital screens, overbed tables and equipment cart which provide solutions to healthcare professional in any medical environment.

BAILIDA Medical Carts.

Medical Carts

BAILIDA medical carts are used by professionals at different departments in hospitals and healthcare institutes. Medical carts include emergency carts, procedure carts, isolation carts, anesthesia carts, medication carts, transportation carts, instrument carts, storage carts, and equipment carts.

A medical cart is a mobile tool that offers storage function and helps to increase working efficiency for professionals. By having a wide range of accessories to fulfill different users' needs, BAILIDA medical evolves to meet expanding healthcare vision.

Medical Carts

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Emergency Cart - Emergency Cart for organizing medical supplies in critical hospital scenarios.
Emergency Cart

BAILIDA Emergency Carts are expertly designed with direct input from ER professionals, combining...

Procedure Cart - Suiting a multitude of medical departments and situations.
Procedure Cart

A functional and well-organized procedure cart is vital equipment to accommodate wound dressings...

Isolation Cart - Isolation cart equipped with a large drawer to keep medical personal protective equipment organized and secure.
Isolation Cart

BAILIDA Isolation Cart allows safe storage of medical supplies that prevent the spread of infection...

Anesthesia Cart - Anesthesia Cart for quick, easy access to medical tools and medications in hospitals.
Anesthesia Cart

BAILIDA's hospital anesthesia carts are indispensable tools for anesthesia departments, designed...

Multi-purpose Cart - Multi-purpose cart for medical supplies
Multi-purpose Cart

BAILIDA Multi-purpose Cart is designed with strong, durable construction with high maneuverability,...

Medication Cart - Medical cart for medication transport and distribution.
Medication Cart

BAILIDA medication cart is designed with the concept of assisting professionals in medication...

Transportation Cart - Safe transportation unit for healthcare applications.
Transportation Cart

BAILIDA transport cart is multi-use of utility carts allows easy and safe transportation for healthcare...

Instrument Cart - Drive efficiency in surgical case.
Instrument Cart

Instrument cart plays a crucial role in transporting surgical instruments, endoscopes, disposable...

Storage Cart - Well-designed storage solutions for healthcare facilities.
Storage Cart

BAILIDA Storage Cart provides medical records and patient chart storage solutions to healthcare...

Equipment Cart - Mobile workstation for medical facilities.
Equipment Cart

BAILIDA equipment cart is designed to hold laptops, PC-based computers, monitors, and small...

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BAILIDA Medical Carts. | Medical Bedside Cabinets & Medical Overbed Tables Manufacturer | BAILIDA MEDICAL

Based in Taiwan since 2007, BAILIDA MEDICAL has been a medical carts and medical trolleys manufacturer. Their main medical equipment, include Medical Carts, medical carts and medical trolleys, hospital room screens, hospital bedside cabinets, overbed tables and cabinet systems for medical supplies, which are ISO 90001 and ISO 13485 certified and has over 60 distributors located globally.

BAILIDA puts emphasis on space utilization and mobile units according to different practices and user scenarios in hospitals to develop multi-function medical carts. BAILIDA has set our goal to elevate quality of medical care and to become a prominent company for hospital equipment. BAILIDA has wide range of medical products include medical trolleys, hospital screens, overbed tables and equipment cart which provide solutions to healthcare professional in any medical environment. All our medical carts and tables are made of stainless steel for its durability and rigidity, and with our in-house laboratory, each equipment goes through strict stress tests.

BAILIDA has been offering customers high-quality medical carts and adjustable overbed tables, both with advanced technology and 47 years of experience, BAILIDA ensures each customer's demands are met.