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BAILIDA's extensive products are sorted according to their use case, from a wide range of medical carts (distribution of medication carts, isolation carts, anesthesia carts and emergency carts etc) to ward equipment for bedside use; from a series of protection screen systems for infection control to highly modular storage system.

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  • Medical Carts

    BAILIDA medical carts are used by professionals at different departments in hospitals and healthcare institutes. Medical carts include emergency carts, procedure carts, isolation carts, anesthesia carts, medication carts, transportation carts, instrument carts, storage carts, and equipment carts. A medical cart is a mobile tool that offers storage function and helps to increase working efficiency for professionals. By having a wide range of accessories to fulfill different users' needs, BAILIDA medical evolves to meet expanding healthcare vision.

  • Medical Screen

    In the period of the pandemic, the healthcare workers at the front have been tirelessly saving the infected and devoted themselves fully to prevent the situation from worsening. To protect those standing at the very front line, BAILIDA has developed a series of protection screen systems in hospitals for infection control, medical screens of FORTRISS series which aims to become the fortress for the healthcare workers and patients. With lightweight material and mobile units, FORTRISS emphasizes its high mobility and space utilization. Our product range includes FORTRISS PRIVACY, FORTRISS EXAMINE, and FORTRISS COVER which ensure optimal hygiene and patient privacy in all care environments. Including the medical folding screen, the mobile inspection screen, the protective barrier for endotracheal intubation, and the protective panel for ENT are all developed toward becoming the infection control expert. The FORTRISS represents BAILIDA's devotion to being your reliable fortress.

  • Bedside Equipment

    Bedside care is an important and crucial topic because its functionality directly affect not only patients but healthcare workers and hospital administration as well. From enhancing patient well-being and comfort to elevating the quality of healthcare, the bedside aid become an important role in residents' mobilization and the comfort of their stay at the healthcare facility. BAILIDA's bedside equipment relatively offers compact design products that grant maximum practicality, safety, and support for the patients to meet their needs from bedsides.

  • Storage System

    BAILIDA’s storage system puts emphasis on highly adaptable modular system to meet the requirements either in the stockrooms or in wards, and helps to increase efficiency in the distribution of medical supplies.

  • Pediatric Equipment

    At BAILIDA, our extensive range of Medical Equipment has your infant patients covered from the pediatric emergency cart, which is designed for use with the proven clinical methodology for treating life-threatening emergencies in pediatric patients to the annual child exams facility that continues from infancy through early childhood. Our R&D designers, engineers, and other medical personnel are on staff and specialize in areas such as pediatrics, neonatology, and family practice care, which offer a safer and better environment for our children.

Result 1 - 5 of 5

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iF Design Awarded and IDEA Certified Medical Equipment For Hospital | BAILIDA

Based in Taiwan, BAILIDA MEDICAL, since 2007, is a hospital medical equipment manufacturer in medical furniture and parts industry with over 60 distributors located globally. Main product including, medical carts, medical screen, bedside equipment, storage systems and pediatric equipment.

iF Design awarded and IDEA certified medical equipment supplied according to international standards. All our medical carts are made of steel metal sheet for its durability and rigidity, and with our in-house laboratory, each equipment goes through strict stress tests such as dynamic structure strength test, castor traveling test, stress test on drawer slides, tilt test, etc.

BAILIDA has been offering customers high-quality medical equipment, both with advanced technology and 13 years of experience, BAILIDA ensures each customer's demands are met.

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